Service & support

We offer a fast and nationwide service to our customers.

Danish manufactured

Alvac's lifting equipment offers robust Danish quality - developed and assembled in Denmark.

Industry-specific solutions

We have great experience in lifting equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Turnkey supplier

We are responsible for the entire project, from design to installation of the solution.

Lifting equipment that can meet strict hygiene requirements

At ALVAC, we have developed many lifting systems that meet the strict hygiene requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industries. We have experience with lifting equipment made from, among other things, stainless steel, which both ensures easy cleaning and careful handling of the products.

Lifting equipment can provide value throughout the business, for example in the warehouse, production and packing. The solutions not only protect and relieve loads for the company’s employees, but also increase productivity significantly at manual workstations.

Depending on the need, we can provide lifting equipment on rail systems, pillar jib cranes and wall-mounted. In brief, we develop lifting equipment that meets each customer’s needs exactly.